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Bulk Nuts

Bulk Mixed nuts, Pistachios, Almonds, Walnuts, Macadamia, Mixed Nuts, Jordan Almonds, Peanuts, Cashews, Pecans, Salted Nuts, Unsalted Nuts and more! Perfect for healthy snacking.

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  1. Squash Seeds

    Squash Seeds

    Natural squash seeds roasted and salted to perfection. Learn More

  2. Honey Roasted Peanuts

    Honey Roasted Peanuts

    The finest jumbo peanuts are honey roasted them to create an irresistible taste. Learn More

  3. Sugar Toasted Peanuts

    Sugar Toasted Peanuts

    The finest jumbo peanuts that are sugar toasted to create an irresistible taste. Learn More

  4. Israeli Sunflower Seeds

    Israeli Sunflower Seeds

    These wonderful Israeli sunflower seeds are roasted and salted in the shell. Their unique white color is a favorite of customers, and their great taste is lots of fun! Learn More

  5. Kabukim


    Kabukim also known as Kubakim are a delicious snack. A sweet peanut is enrobed in a crunchy and delicious coating. One taste and you will be eating these by the handful! Learn More

  6. Fruit and Nut Mix

    Fruit and Nut Mix

    Our Premium Fruit and Nut Mix combines raisins, apricots, banana chips, cashews, dates, walnuts, pineapple, papaya, almonds and pecans. The combination has a irresistible taste that our customers continue to ask for. Learn More

  7. Salted Almonds

    Salted Almonds

    California almonds roasted and salted to perfection! Learn More

  8. Unsalted Almonds

    Unsalted Almonds

    Natural California almond roasted for freshness with no added salt. Learn More

  9. honey glazed slivered almonds

    Honey Glazed Slivered Almonds

    slivered almonds with a light honey glaze. great for mixing in salads or just eating as a healthy snack Learn More

  10. Honey Glazed Almonds

    Honey Glazed Almonds

    Almonds roasted and then glazed with a delicious pareve honey mixture. Learn More

  11. Mixed Nuts

    Mixed Nuts

    A delicious assortment of roasted and salted nuts, including peanuts. Learn More

  12. Honey Glazed Cashews

    Honey Glazed Cashews

    An exceptional product. Jumbo cashews roasted to perfection, then covered in a honey coating. Learn More

  13. Cinnamon Almonds

    Cinnamon Almonds

    Fresh almonds roasted and coated in a sweet cinnamon flavor. Learn More

  14. Salted Cashews

    Salted Cashews

    Our cashews are roasted and salted just enough to bring out their delicious flavor. Cashews are a healthy snack as well as being great to cook with. Learn More

  15. Unsalted Cashews

    Unsalted Cashews

    Natural cashews roasted for freshness with no added salt. Learn More

  16. Salted Pistachios

    Salted Pistachios

    Fresh roasted and salted pistachio nuts in shells! Learn More

  17. Unsalted Pistachios

    Unsalted Pistachios

    Natural pistachios roasted for freshness with no added salt. Learn More

  18. Honey Baked Pecans

    Honey Baked Pecans

    A wonderful treat of pecans slathered and baked in honey. Learn More

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