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Chocolate Candy

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  1. Dazzle Chocolate Lentils

    Dazzle Chocolate Lentils

    Kopper's famous dark chocolate lentils coated with a spectacular pastel dazzle finish! This is a really nice pastel color assortment of orange, green, blue, yellow and lavender. Learn More

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  2. Blue and White Lentils

    Blue and White Lentils

    Candy coated chocolates in bright blue and white. Perfect for a baby boy occasion. Learn More

  3. Coffee Lentils

    Coffee Lentils

    Mocha flavored candy coated dark chocolate lentils in colors of orange and dark brown. Absolutely delicious! Learn More

  4. Chocolate Rock Pebbles

    Chocolate Rock Pebbles

    Chocolate rock pebbles come in an assortment of colors. Looks like pebbles but made from real chocolate. Learn More

  5. Rainbow Lentils

    Rainbow Lentils

    Small discs of chocolate blended encased in assorted colorful candy sugar shells. Learn More

  6. Mini Mint Lentils

    Mini Mint Lentils

    Dainty little chocolate mints in pastel colors of white, green, pink, and lavender. Perfect for after dinner mint candy dish. These pieces are about the size of mini M&M's. Learn More

  7. Mint Lentils

    Mint Lentils

    Light, airy, mints covered in chocolate and a pastel candy shell! Learn More

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