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Kosher for Passover Dried Fruit and Nuts

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  1. Passover Dried Cranberries

    Passover Dried Cranberries

    These are not like those store bought dried cranberries. One look and taste and you will understand what we mean! Learn More

  2. Passover Turkish Dried Apricots

    Passover Turkish Dried Apricots

    A velvety sweetness emerges from these golden orange disks, grown on the sun-drenched Mediterranean coast. Learn More

  3. Kosher for Passover Cranberry Pecan Mix

    Kosher for Passover Cranberry Pecan Mix

    Kosher for passover craberry pecan mix. Learn More

  4. Passover Natural Dried Mango

    Passover Natural Dried Mango

    Klein's Naturals dried mango with no sugar added. Made with real fruit! Cholesterol and Fat Free. Kosher for Passover. Learn More

  5.  Passover Dried Pears

    Passover Dried Pears

    Nutritious dried pears from California that taste great and are good for you. Learn More

  6. Passover Dried Plums

    Passover Dried Plums

    These large plums are bright red on the outside and golden sweet on the inside. A truly unique treat for even the most cultured dried fruit palate. Learn More

  7. medjool dates

    Kosher for Passover Medjool Dates

    Kosher for passover medjool dates. Learn More

  8. Passover Dried Nectarines

    Passover Dried Nectarines

    These sweet dried nectarines are so tasty, you won't fully understand until the nectarine slices melt in your mouth. Learn More

  9. Passover Unsalted Almonds

    Passover Unsalted Almonds

    Natural California almond roasted for freshness with no added salt. Learn More

  10.  Passover Unsalted Cashews

    Passover Unsalted Cashews

    Natural cashews roasted for freshness with no added salt. Learn More

  11. Passover Mixed Nuts

    Passover Mixed Nuts

    A delicious assortment of roasted and salted nuts, including peanuts. Learn More

  12.  Passover Salted Cashews

    Passover Salted Cashews

    Our cashews are roasted and salted just enough to bring out their delicious flavor. Cashews are a healthy snack as well as being great to cook with. Learn More

  13. Passover Salted Pistachios

    Passover Salted Pistachios

    Fresh roasted and salted pistachio nuts in shells! Learn More

  14. Passover Unpreserved Natural Mango

    Passover Unpreserved Natural Mango

    South African Dried mango, with no added sugar and unsulphured. Super fresh and absolutely delicious. Learn More

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